iPhone App: Reefs - Database and So Much More

Here is another iPhone App that I have been using for awhile.  This app is unique as it offers many services all in one place.  

Reefs is an app that does many things.  For starters, the free app gives you access to the Manhattan Reefs Forum, Magazine, and Blog.  All of these are great resources for information about your tank. But where this App is unique is that it has a Local Fish Store Finder.  This database is created by people who have the app and you can add your LFS to the list just by clicking a button.  I have personally found two new stores in my area just using the app.

Now here is where it gets interesting, there are two in app purchases for $0.99 each one for a Coral Database and one for a Fish Database.  I can tell you this is the most intensive database I have seen so far. There are great pictures and basic requirements, but it is lacking in the description category.  I would have liked to see a little paragraph about each item listed.  But if you are trying to identify your corals, this is a great reference. The Fish Database does have much better descriptions and is a great place to go if you are thinking about adding something to your tank.  One last very cool thing about the coral database.  It also ties into the ORA and Liveaquaria and has a list of everything that is available from their sites.

Here is the App Description:

This app is a mobile interface for reef aquarium owners. It includes reference information on corals, fish and other aspects of the hobby. It also includes access to reef club forums, magazines, a blog, and aquarium monitoring services.

What’s New in Version 3.2
Device now caches all images for offline use
Enabled high resolution photos for corals and fish
Added Doctor Foster’s & Smith / Live Aquaria Farmed Frags to Coral Database
Added over 200 new generic corals
Enabled care, feeding, and descriptions for fish
Enabled photo credits
Overall improvements to app speed
— iTunes Description

This all is pretty impressive when you think about everything you are getting for just under $2.00.  Check it out and let me know what you think.

Photo Taken from Reefs.com

Photo Taken from Reefs.com